What is Google Meet and how to use it and become famous?


Google Meet- Due to this Lockdown, the need for Video Calling and Video Conferencing had gone beyond limits. In such a situation, people are looking for such apps using which they can easily make Video Call and Conference Call. Keeping these things in front, Google has officially rolled out its new video conferencing platform ” Google Meet “.

Where earlier the company had announced that they will make this premium app free for everyone who has a Gmail account. But now, Google has planned that they will integrate Meet with Gmail directly. This new product of Google has been specially presented in front of Zoom so that it can provide a good challenge to it.

Google Meet

Due to this Coronavirus Lockdown , the demand for video conferencing platform has increased manifold in a short span of time. That’s why I thought why not provide necessary information to you people about what is Google Meet and how you can use it in Video Conferencing. So without delay let’s start.

How to download and use Google Meet Mobile App?

Google Meet works on every device like Desktop, Laptop, Android, iphone, ipad except but to use google meet app in your mobile (Smart Phone) you have to go to Google Play or Apple Store and download this application .

To use it, it is very important to have a Gmail account, if you use Gmail, Google Photo, Youtube or any other Google product, then just log in with your same account.

Step 1# First of all you have to go to Play Store and search “Google meet” in the search bar and download google meet app

Step 2 # After installing the application, we will open it, as soon as we open it, it will ask for permission, we have to “allow” it.

Step 3# After that you will get to see the Welcome screen, there will be a button of “Continue” below, click on it.

Step 4 # After that you log in with your Gmail account ID, you can use any of your Gmail ID.

What Is Google Meet App

Google Meet Is A Video Conferencing App, Through Which You Can Interact With People. Video Calling Or Video Conferencing Is Done By Google Meet, You Can Hold Online Meetings, Take Online Classes, And Can Also Use It Personally By Making Live Video Calls To Your Friends Or Family. 

This Is A Commercial Version Of Google Hangout, Which Was Developed Especially Keeping In Mind The Enterprise Customers And Schools Etc. But The Way People Stopped Meeting Each Other During The Lockdown And Companies And Schools Were Also Closed, People Were Left With Only Online Support For Communication. 

In Such A Situation, Video Conferencing Apps Like Google Meet Have Been Used Tremendously By The People. Although Earlier It Was Developed Keeping Only The Business Segment In Mind, Where It Was Part Of The G Suit Plan , That Is, You Had To Take A G Suit Plan To Use It.

Then Google Released Its Free Version For Gmail Users, In Which Users Could Add 100 Participants On The Video Call And There Was No Time Limit. Later, Changing Its Use Again, Google Set A Time Limit Of 60 Minutes On Video Calls.

But Seeing The Increasing Use Of Google Meet After The Lockdown, Google Has Made It Completely Free For The Common Gmail User Till June 2021. During This, You Can Take Advantage Of The 24-Hour Google Meet Video Calling Facility.

How To Use Google Meet.

Using Google Meet Is Very Easy. You Can Easily Use The Google Meet Conferencing Platform By Following The Steps Mentioned Below.   Google Meet Can Be Used On Smartphones, Laptops And Desktops

What is Google Meet App

Google Meet is a video-conference-calling platform specially designed for professional use. Through this, you can connect and interact with your remote colleague, that too in real-time.

This video-communication service has been developed by Google. Since Google is going to close its Google Hangouts soon, it is going to use Google Meet and Google Chat in its place for its users.

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Anyone can do video conferencing with anyone with the help of this enterprise-grade video conferencing app from Google. Now anyone who has a Google Account can easily create an online meeting, in which upto 100 participants can join. And each meeting can last for about 60 minutes.

Google Meet

Which country’s app is Google Meet?

Google Meet is an app from the United States of America, created by the Google company.

How to create your ID on Google Meet?

If you want to create your ID on Google Meet, then you can do so in the three ways mentioned below.

1. For own personal use

If you are already using Gmail, Google Photos, YouTube, or any other Google product, then all you have to do is sign in to your existing Google Account. By doing this you do not even need to signup. If you do not have any Google Account then you can sign up for free.

2. For any commercial use

If you are already a G Suite user , all you have to do is sign in to your existing account or existing account.

3. For use by G-Suite admins

Google Meet has already included it on G Suite and G Suite for Education. So in this case you can start using Meet as a part of G Suite, by doing this you can start Video Calling facility for your organization.

Why use Google Meet?

According to Google, their main objective of making Google Meet is that they want to make this video meeting experience very easy for everyone, so that any user can easily join any meetings.

Google Meet is an app with a very light, fast interface that enables you to easily manage around 250-person in a meeting. If you have any Google Account, then you can use Google Meet very easily, that too for free.

How to download Google Meet app?

If you want to use the Google Meet app, then you have to download it first. Here below I have provided the download link of Android and iOS App, using which you can easily download them.

How to download Google Meet for Windows users?

If you want to use Google Meet on your Desktop or Laptop for Windows Operating System, then you do not need to use any kind of software. You can use it in any of your modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or any other browser.

Link: https://meet.google.com

By visiting this link, you have to sign in with your Google account, after that you can easily use the Google Meet app for free.

how to use google meet

If you also do not know how to use Google Meet, then there is no need to worry. This is because here I will tell you how to use it in a very easy way. You only have to follow the mentioned steps.

How to do video conferencing in Google Meet?

1. First of all, you have to install Google Meet App on any of your devices. Once you have installed it then you have to open it.

2. While opening the app, you will be asked for some permissions, which you have to allow.

3. To signup in the App, you just have to login with any of your Google Account.

4. Once you have successfully login, then a new screen will open in front of you.

5. Now in the screen in front of you, you will see two options, one for New Meeting and the other for Meeting Code.

6. Here you can start a new meeting by clicking on the New Meeting option, while after clicking on the Meeting Code option, you can join the ongoing meeting by typing and entering the meeting code.

Done using Google Meet. You must have found all these steps very easy, this is because it is very easy to use.

How does Google Meet work?

Now let’s know how Google Meet actually works.

Video Conferences

To start the meetings, all you have to do is share the link. If you are already present in the Google Ecosystem, that is, if you have any Google Account, then you only have to login to your browser. There is no need to do any kind of accounts, plugins, downloads.


Meet offers you native, full-screen presenting , which makes it possible for you to show your projects to your team, however, it does not have dynamic Sharing Option like you will find in Zoom. But still you get a lot of useful options in it, so that you can share a single Chrome tab easily.

G-Suite Integration

G Suite is actually a package of cloud-based services from Google that provides your company or institute a new way through which you can work online.

In this, you get a domain name as well as access to use Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other G Suite services such as Meet. For each G Suite Enterprise customer, you are provided with a dedicated dial-in phone number for all meetings.

How to Join Meeting on Google Meet?

If you already have a Gmail account, then simply you have to go to this link Meet.Google.com and either you can click on the green “ Start a Meeting ” button or you can enter a Meeting ID correctly place on the right.

And it is done. As long as you are signed in to your Gmail account, you can automatically start or join a meeting.

google Meet

Otherwise you will have to create a Gmail account for yourself to use this service which is absolutely free.

Features of Google Meet

Let us now know about the different features of Google Meet.

  • In this, you do not have any restriction in the matter of Meetings. That is, you can do unlimited number of meetings in it. You can connect with any of your coworkers, clients, classmates. At the same time, you can add up to 100 participants in a meeting.
  • You get the facility of live captioning during meetings. Since Google’s speech recognition technology has been used in this, you get to see automated live captions in real time. But this is currently possible only in English language.
  • It is compatible with almost all the devices. That is, you can use Google Meet on any of your devices, be it desktop/laptop, Android, or iPhone/iPad.
  • You get to see video and audio preview screen in it. Once your Meeting Code or link is clicked, then you can adjust your Camera and Mic. Wherein you can see its preview before going to the meeting.
  • In this you get Adjustable layouts and screen settings. If you want to Switch Layout, then you have to click on the three dots which are present in the lower corner of the Meet Screen.
  • You can control the meeting hosts. If you want, you can easily pin, mute, or remove participants. But for some privacy reasons, you cannot unmute a participant, rather you have to ask them to unmute your audio.
  • You can share your screen with the participants in this.
  • You can message participants during live calls. If you want to share any files, links, or other messages with the participants, then you have to click on the chat icon. Note that you get the facility of Messages only during meetings.
  • You can integrate Google and Microsoft Office apps in it.

Is it safe to use Google Meet?

According to the Google support page , all meetings taking place in Meet are encrypted by default on the web app, that too for both Android and iOS apps.

On the other hand, if you want to record the session, then you can do so, so that your session store becomes fully encrypted in Google Drive.

benefits of google meet

Now let us know what are the benefits of using Google Meet.

  1. There is no need for any kind of plugins or desktop apps when you use it on Desktop.
  2. In this, you can add friends very easily and keep away those whom you do not want.
  3. Its UI is very simplified, due to which it is very easy to use even for a new user.
  4. In Google Meet, you are provided with a very stable and secure service.

How many people can join a Google Meet call?

About 100 participants can join in a call of Google Meet . As of now, all G Suite customers can easily access Advanced Meet features and that too Sept. 30, 2020 , in which 250-person meetings, live streaming can also be done in an organization with 100,000 people , and recording meetings etc.

Google Meet

Who can use Google Meet for free?

Currently, Google Meet is available for everyone to use for free. They can easily use it on the web by visiting meet.google.com and via mobile apps they can also do it in iOS or Android.

How long is Google Meet service free?

Google Meet accounts are also free for individuals till September 30, 2020 . But in this they can make a call only up to the 60-minute limit.

Here’s How To Use Google Meet On A Laptop Or Desktop. 

  • You Have To Login With Your Gmail Account There By Typing Https://Meet.Google.Com/ This Link On The Web Browser. Here You Do Not Need To Install Any Software, Rather It Is Directly Used Through Web Browser. 
  • Now You Will Be Logged Into Google Meet. Here You Will See A Tab Of Setting On The Top Right Side. By Clicking This, Check The Settings Of Your Microphone And Camera That They Are Working Properly, And Then Go Back.   
  • On The Front Page Of Google Meet, You Will See Two Options New Meeting And Enter A Code. If You Have To Participate In Any Meeting Taking Place, Then Type The Received Code In Place Of Enter A Code, And Join The Meeting. But If You  Want To Start A New Meeting, Then You Have To Click On New Meeting. Now Click On The Option Of Start An Instant Meeting From The Pop Up. 
  • Now You Will See The Message Of Meeting Ready, And There, By Clicking On The Option Of Add Others, You Have To Share The Link To Join The Video Call By Choosing The Email ID Of Your Contacts From Whom You Want To Make A Video Call. 

This Is How To Use Google Meet In Mobile Phone.

  • You Have To Go To The Play Store And Download The Google Meet App And Install It On Your Phone. 
  • Now You Will Be Asked For Login Account, Then Choose The Gmail Account With Which You Want To Login And Login. 
  • After This You Will Be Asked For Access To The Device’s Camera And Microphone, So Here You Have To Click On Continue. 
  • Now You Will See Two Options New Meeting And Join A Meeting, So Here If You Want To Start A New Meeting, Then Click On New Meeting, Whereas If You Want To Be A Part Of An Ongoing Meeting, Then On The Option Of Join A Meeting. Join By Entering The Code Of The Meeting.
  • Thus You Can Use Google Meet Conference Platform. 


I hope that you  must have liked this article of mine, what is Google Meet app . It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about how to use Google Meet to the readers, so that they do not have to search any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

Google Meet

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