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What is Google Calendar? What are the features of Google Calendar 2023 and how to use Google Calendar? If all these questions are coming in your mind, then this information is only for you. Tried to give you complete information about Google Calendar on this post. Will go which will be very useful for you, so let’s know what is Google Calendar and how to use Google Calendar.

Google Calendar

What is Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free time management scheduling calendar service created by Google, made available by Google on 13 April 2006. In Google Calendar, you can save all kinds of events, weekly agenda and meeting information. And on time it keeps you informed about the event by giving notifications. Google calendar is made available for both desktop mobile devices. If you have a google account then you can easily use google calendar. 

Here you will see a very clean interface, where you can easily create and edit your events, there are many options for event management, if you save the event, you will also get reminders through Google Calendar. There is facility to give as well as you can add all the places of your event with google map, along with this you can also share your calendar with any other person. If you are a professional then this calendar is for you. going to come in handy

How to use google calendar?

To start Google Calendar, either download the Google Calendar app from Google Play Store in your phone, if you want to use Google Calendar on the desktop, go to Calendar.Google.com

How to create an event in Google Calendar

  • If you open Google Calendar, you will see a create button with a + icon here, click on it to create an event.
  • Now first of all you have to select the date for which you are making that invite.  
Google Calendar
  • Type the title of the event in the Add Title on the first field. 
  • Below the title, you have to tell whether it is an Event or Reminder or Task. 
  • After this you have to select the date and time of the event 
  • Here you have to go to Add Guests and enter the email ID of those guests to whom you want to inform about this event, a notification will also reach them. 
Google Calendar
  • If you want to add event location also with that information then add location by going to Add Location 
  • If you want to give any more information about the event, then go to Add Description and give it. 
  • Now select the list in which you want to add the event 
  • Now all you have to do is save it 

If needed, you can also edit or delete the event from Google Calendar, along with this, if you want, you can also attach a file with your event. Shortly before the event, Google will send you a call on the phone. Also reminded by email or SMS.

How to make Google Calender

Google Calendar is a time management scheduling calendar service created by Google. This service was started by Google in 2006. In this article you will learn how to make a calendar in Google.

With the help of this calendar, you can schedule all your types of events, meetings, so that with the help of this calendar, you can get information about your upcoming events and meetings with the help of notifications ahead of time.

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You can use Google Calendar on both your mobile and desktop computer. To use Google calendar, you must first create an account on Google and after that, you can easily use Google calendar. With the help of this calendar, you can organize and edit events.

In this, many options have been given to manage any event, through which you can save the event, set reminder and can also connect it to Google Map.
Step-1: How to Open Google Calendar

To open Google Calendar, first you have to open your G-mail account. So open your G-mail account and click on P-1 (9 dots on top right side of the page).

Google Calendar

Now click on P-2 (Calendar)

Google calendar

Step-2: How to add any event.

As soon as you click on the calendar, you will get a new page as shown below. On this page you will see a calendar on the left side. You have to choose a date on which you want to add an event. We click on P-3 i.e. 28th May as shown below.

After clicking on P-3, you will get a grid view on the left side, on which you can select a particular time slot of that date.

We select the time slot of 11 am to 12 noon on 28th May 2021 as shown below. Click on the rectangular box corresponding to your date and time. As soon as we click on P-4(box).

Google calendar

A new page opens, give a title to your event, or “Add title”, there are three tabs at the bottom of the event, task and reminder. You can add guests, add Google Meet video conferencing etc.

Google Calendar

After clicking on the Tasks tab, give your title a name, add a description↓

Google Calendar

After clicking on the Reminders tab, give your reminder a name, select a date and time, and select whether or not you want to create an all-day reminder.

Google Calendar

Click on the drop-down, you will get more options, like Do not repeat, Daily, Weekly on Friday, etc.

Google Calendar

Step -3: View your calendar

You can change how you view your calendar to focus on what you want to see. To view your calendar monthly, click the week icon , and then select a month from the drop-down.

On the Month view, these events will be highlighted, instead on the left side of your calendar page you will see the month, you can click the arrows to scroll through the different months, this will not change the main calendar view.

To change the main calendar view, scroll through the arrows at the top of the page. You will only want to see the events that you have coming up.

Click the Calendar View drop-down button again and select Schedule. In Schedule view, only days with events are listed.

You can also search for the icon and then enter a keyword like venue or guest and the event will appear in the drop-down below. At the bottom of the page, you can see My Calendar.

Color coding helps organize your various calendars. To change the color of the calendar though click on the name and then the three dots, then you can select a colour.

Step -4: Inviting people to your event

When creating an invitation in Google Calendar, click the Add Guest bar, and then type the email address of the person you want to invite to your event.

If you’ve sent them e-mail before on your Gmail account, their address will automatically pop up when you start typing them, so you can even type an email from scratch. Once you’ve added all your guests, click Save.

A pop-up will appear, clicking Send, will send a notification to your guests, asking them if they’d like to add the event to their calendars. If you don’t want to notify them, select Don’t send.

Step -5: Editing and deleting an event

To edit an event that has already been created, click on it and you will see a pop-up next to it, summarizing all the important information about your event, click on the Edit Event icon Do that, and then you’ll be able to change the Description.

You can also double click on the event and you will be taken directly there. Once you’ve made your changes, a pop-up will appear if the event is recurring, you can choose to apply the change only to the event you edited or to others as well.

Select this and the following events to update your future events in the series or select all events to update events that have already happened, decide whether you want to notify guests if you make changes to the event want to do or not.

Choose to notify them with a personalized email message and click Send. To delete an even, don’t click on it in Calendar view and select the Delete icon .

It will be removed from your calendar, you can choose the same options as before by deciding if you want to delete the entire series of events or just the one you are editing.

While editing an event, you can also select more actions and then remove them from the drop-down menu to remove them.

Step -6: Creating and Sharing Calendar

Create calendars to share with your team so everyone can see them at any time Create a new calendar Click the plus sign next to another calendar, you’ll see a drop-down of options, you can create a new calendar Or add one already exists.

Start a new calendar by giving the calendar a title and description. At the bottom you can set the time zone for your calendar, to finish click Create a calendar, a notification at the bottom will confirm that the calendar has been created.

You’ll also notice that it appears on the left under Settings for My Calendars. Click on the calendar on the left and more setting options will appear.

Under the Calendar Settings tab, you can share your calendar with others by clicking the Add People button at the bottom and adding their email addresses.

Share your calendar with specific people Add your friends and they’ll be sent an invite to your new calendar. You can also share your calendar by sending a web link from this page.