Best 8 Android Apps to Download YouTube Videos


Download YouTube Videos-If we talk about any biggest and powerful platform related to Video Content on the internet , then I do not think that apart from YouTube , anyone can have any other answer. All types of videos are available for us from entertainment to education on YouTube. You can learn whatever you want through YouTube, although YouTube does not provide any such option for users to download YouTube videos that users can download in their mobile gallery.

By the way, if you want, you can download any video on YouTube through Offline Video Download Option , which later you will be able to watch easily without any internet connection inside YouTube’s App .

As you all must know that YouTube is a product of Google itself, that’s why you do not get any official Android Application to download YouTube Video even on Google Play Store .

ut still if you want to download any YouTube video through third party tools, then in today’s article I am going to tell you about Best 8 Android YouTube Video Downloader Apps for free , any of which By using also you can easily download any YouTube video in your mobile phone memory or SD card .

    By the way, installing apps from any external sources other than Google Play Store is blocked by default in any Android Mobile. Follow these steps to install Apps in your Android Mobile from any External Sources.

    • 1). Go to Settings > Security .
    • 2). Click on Unknown Sources .
    • 3). Now a Warning Pop up appears, click on OK .

    Best 8 Android Apps to Download YouTube Videos

    1). Videoder:

    Download YouTube Videos
    Videoder Video Downloader App for Android

    Videoder is a very amazing Video downloading Android App to download YouTube Videos in any Android Mobile .

    Not only from YouTube but you can also download videos from other popular video sites like Facebook, SonyLiv , Twitter, Instagram etc.

    Its user interface is very simple which you can easily navigate. In this, you can directly download videos ranging from Low Quality to HD and 4K Quality in your Android mobile.

    Not only Videos, you can also download any video as MP3 Song through this amazing App. Even after downloading the video, you can easily convert the video to MP3, for which you do not need to install any extra plugging separately.

    The most special thing about this video downloading app is that as soon as you copy the link of any video, automatically the video downloading link starts showing as a pop up on the screen of your mobile, so that you can use this application to download videos again and again. No need to open.

    Features like its Pause / Resume are very helpful at the time of video downloading. Even after downloading, if you want to download the video again in another resolution, then its “Download in other Resolution” feature is perfect.

    Overall, if you are searching for the Best Free Video downloading App for Android for your Android mobile, then Videoder has the ability to live up to your every expectation.

    Download Videoder App

    2). TubeMate:

    Download YouTube Videos
    TubeMate Video Downloader App for Android

    TubeMate Video Downloader also comes in the category of very popular App in the list of Best Video downloading Apps for Android for downloading videos.

    It is also fully capable of meeting all your video downloading needs. Whether it is on any platform like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc.

    While downloading the video, you can also select the quality and file format in advance. The feature of downloading any video to MP3 Music also makes TubeMate even more special. But for this you have to install Video to MP3 Converter App separately.

    This App has been designed in such a way that it should not be difficult for any new user to adjust to its interface.

    Although TubeMate is a wonderful video downloading app for mobile, but while using it, you get to see a lot of advertisements, which sometimes seem quite irretrievable.

    Download TubeMate App

    3). Instube:

    Download YouTube Videos
    InsTube Video Downloader App

    Instube is a very customizable YouTube Video Downloader App to download YouTube Videos . It also supports HD and 4K video downloading formats.

    You can also directly share the video in instube from YouTube’s app itself, which makes the video downloading process very fast.

    After downloading the video, if you want to hide a video, then inside it you have also been given the feature of Video Hiding.

    Through this also you can download videos from many sites other than YouTube such as Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, Tumblr, DailyTube, SoundCloud etc.

    Download Instube App

    4). SnapTube:

    Download YouTube Videos
    SnapTube Video Downloader App

    SnapTube also has its own identity in the category of Best YouTube Video Downloading Apps . How to download YouTube video? SnapTube Video Downloader can be the perfect and accurate answer to your question.

    Almost all the popular sites from which you can download videos have been arranged with large thumbnails on the home page of this app.

    The most special thing about SnapTube is that in this too, like YouTube, you can search any video with keywords through its Search Box. In which YouTube videos are searched by default.

    Apart from YouTube, there are also suitable apps for downloading videos from Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Twitter, Vimeo, Vevo, DailyTube etc. The feature of Direct MP3 Download also makes it more useful.

    You can download it from the official website of SnapTube . In which there is no problem like App Purchase. This is an absolutely free Android Video downloading App but you will get to see advertisements.

    Download SnapTube App

    5). KeepVid:

    Download YouTube Videos
    KeepVid Video Downloader App

    KeepVid is also a very popular and Best Free Video downloading App to download YouTube Videos .

    Compared to other apps, it is very fast in terms of downloading. Its UI (User Interface) is also very simple which does not cause any problem in handling.

    For video downloading, it is capable of downloading videos ranging from 320, 480p, 720p, 1080p to 4K resolution. Although it also depends on the availability of the video.

    You can also directly download MP3 without any extra plugin. Along with this, it also supports in-built Video and Audio Player to play both Video and MP3.

    KeepVid is a very popular video downloading app for downloading videos and MP3s from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Instagram, GameVideo, LiveLeak etc.

    If you do not want to install this KeepVid YouTube Video Downloading App in your mobile, then you can also download Online Video through its website.

    Download KeepVid App

    6). VidMate:

    Download YouTube Videos
    VidMate Video Downloader App

    Whenever it comes to Best Free Video downloading Apps for Android, then VidMate Video downloading App cannot be ignored at all. This is a very popular and ultimate app for Android users.

    During video downloading some features like Resume, Pause, Restart, Break and Stop make it even more special.

    Even in the background, VidMate App works very well, so that you will not have any problem in multitasking while downloading.

    In this, Categories like Trending Videos, Movie, Music, TV Shows etc. have been arranged very well. Along with this, you also get features like Built-in Video Player, Music Player .

    If you want to hide any downloaded video in view of privacy, then you can Hide / Private any video through its Encrypted Space Feature.

    You can download videos from almost all popular video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, FunnyorDie, Vine, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Metacafe etc. with VidMate Video Downloading App for absolutely free.

    Download VidMate App

    7). NewPipe:

    NewPipe is a very Lightweight, Ads Free and Open Source Android Application . It has been designed in such a way that its UI (User Interface) looks exactly like the official YouTube App. Although NewPipe has nothing to do with the YouTube API and Google Play Services.

    Download YouTube Videos
    NewPipe Video Downloader App

    Through this it is very easy to download videos from YouTube. Just search any video like YouTube and then download it. The most unique thing about this app is its Background Player, through which you can enjoy YouTube Music even while using other applications in your Android mobile.

    This is an absolutely safe YouTube Video Downloading App that does not store any kind of personal information of users. This App gives you a better experience than almost YouTube App such as Channel Subscriptions, Video pop-up mode, 1080p/2k/4k Video Support, Multiple Themes, Show Next/Related Videos etc.

    Download NewPipe App

    8). YT3 Youtube Downloader:

    Download YouTube Videos
    YT3 YouTube Video Downloader App

    This is a very simple Android YouTube Video Downloader App to download YouTube Videos . Through this app you can download only two formats MP3 and MP4. YT3 Youtube Downloader is absolutely User Friendly Android App to use.

    Before downloading any video, you can also see its preview. YT3 only supports YouTube Video Downloading. You can also search for video by keywords.

    Another very important information:

    If you do not want to install any such Android Video Downloading Apps to download YouTube video in your mobile, then also you can download Without App Online Video through this website 


    Hope you liked this article “Best Android Apps to Download YouTube Videos”! Through any of these Android Video Downloading App, you can download Videos Directly to your Mobile’s Internal Storage or SD Card.

    By the way, Google does not allow you to download any video from YouTube at all. That is why we also recommend you that if you want to download videos from YouTube, then use it only for your personal use.

    If you were looking for Best YouTube Video Downloading Apps for Android [current_date format=’Y’] to download YouTube Videos, then I hope this information would have been very helpful for you. Do tell us your opinion about this article through the Comment Box.