The Top 5 Mortgage Companies in America


Home-ownership is a major part of the American dream. For many people, a mortgage is the largest financial commitment they will ever make. Choosing the right mortgage company is crucial to ensuring a positive experience.

Loan Against Property (LAP)
commercial purchase
loan against house registry
Who can take mortgage loan?
What are the documents required to take a loan on land?
How to apply for all mortgage loans?

Here are the top 5 mortgage companies in America, based on customer satisfaction:

  1. Rocket Mortgage
  2. Quicken Loans
  3. SoFi
  4. Loan Depot
  5. New American Funding

These companies are all leaders in the industry, offering a variety of mortgage products and services to meet the needs of homebuyers. They are also rated highly by customers for their customer service and satisfaction.

If you are in the market for a mortgage, be sure to check out these companies. They are sure to provide you with the best possible experience.

Many of you must have heard or read about mortgage loan at one time or the other, but do not have the right information about it. Don’t worry, in this article we will provide you all the information like what is mortgage loan and how to apply for it etc. Let us first know what is meant by mortgage?

Mortgage or mortgage loan is a loan taken against property. In which a person mortgages his property to a financial institution and takes some amount as a loan on it and after paying the loan amount, gets back the ownership of his property. Mortgage loans are generally taken by people who buy a new house. By mortgaging the documents of the newly purchased house with the financial institution They take loan on the registry of the house .

  1. Loan Against Property (LAP)
    Loan Against Property is commonly known as LAP i.e. ‘Loan Against Property’. LAP is offered for commercial and residential properties. Borrowers have to pledge their assets in order to get funds from lending institutions. The original documents of the property have to be kept with the financial institution till the entire loan amount is repaid. The borrower can use the loan amount for any personal or business needs.
  2. commercial purchase
    Business purchase loans are generally taken by businessmen and entrepreneurs. They take such loans to buy properties like shops, office space and commercial complexes. The interest rates of this loan are different from other loans. The loan amount is used only for purchasing the property.
  3. loan against house registry
    It is the dream of every middle class family to have their own house. In such a situation, mortgage loan is the best option for the reconstruction of the house. Nowadays there are many such financial institutions from where you can easily get loan at affordable interest. For the loan, the borrower has to mortgage the registry of his house with the financial institution, which he gets back after the loan is repaid.

Who can take mortgage loan?

For mortgage loans, different financial institutions have different eligibility criteria. Some of the most common criteria are listed below.

  • you are a resident of india
  • Your age should be minimum 25 years and maximum 75 years
  • If you are self-employed, you must have been in the same business for at least three years.

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 What are the documents required for taking loan on  land ?       

There are some important documents you need to submit while applying for a mortgage loan against property . Some of these documents are:

  • Correctly filled mortgage loan application form along with a copy of your PAN card
  • Some of the accepted KYC documents like: Aadhaar Card / Driving License / Voter ID Card / Lease or Rent Agreement
  • Business Proof: Sales Tax / Service Tax / Excise / VAT Registration / Trade License / Partnership Deed / Practice Certificate
  • Income proof: Last three years ITR statement, balance sheet, P&L account and last six months bank account statement.

How to apply for all mortgage loans?

To apply for a mortgage loan, you can apply through the website of the financial institution or by personally visiting their branch office. Follow the steps below to apply online on the website

The Top 5 Mortgage Companies in America
  • Go to the mortgage loan on property webpage
  • Check your eligibility from the Eligibility Criteria section available on the website
  • On the Mortgage loan page, check the documents required for mortgage loan
  • Click on the ‘Apply Now’ tab and fill in the required information, and submit the online form .
  • Once satisfied with your details, the institute officials will contact you.
  • You can also apply for a mortgage loan by visiting the nearest branch or outlet of the financial institution.

What is mortgage loan and its benefits

Children’s higher education or marriage, business growth or big expenses like hospitals or many other occasions when a person needs instant money, it is not necessary that every person is ready, or capable of such sudden expenses. To be able to bear such huge expenses .  In such circumstances, loan against property is the easiest  and most  popular of all other loan options .

Loan against property is also known by other names like mortgage loan, loan against property, or property loan . In this, the loan is given by the bank, HFC or NBFC by keeping the property of the applicant as collateral. 

It is necessary that before applying for the loan, the purpose of the loan should be clearly understood. Depending on the loan purpose, we must get proper information about all types of loans so that you can make a comparative study of different types of loans and their interest rates and make the right choice. In this way, you will be able to reduce the additional burden by saving a fair amount on your EMI.

Loan against property is a secured loan, in which the applicant’s property is mortgaged, and being safe for the borrower, it becomes a better option and a better tool than a personal loan. The higher the loan amount in Loan Against Property, the longer the tenure you can avail. Additionally, property loan interest rates are lower as compared to any personal loan. You can avail the loan amount availed under Loan Against Property for marriage, higher education and other medical expenses and also make reasonable savings . If you have your own property, then you should apply for a loan against property rather than a personal loan. 

Benefits of loan against property: – 

1. Loan amount :-

You can get up to 55% of the market value of your property as the loan amount. You can get a higher loan amount with a loan against property as compared to a personal loan. Aavas Financiers Limited provides you with adequate loan amount for your children’s higher education, marriage, travel, hospitalization, elder expenses.

2. Reasonable Interest Rates:-

Since loan against property is a secured loan, the interest rates on loan against property are lower as compared to personal loans and you can save on higher EMIs due to the lower interest rate .

3. Easy Process:-

Getting a loan against properties is much easier as compared to other methods. Being a secured loan, the loan disbursement takes less time as compared to non-collateralized loans. The entire process of home mortgage loan application and loan disbursement is quick and simple.

4. Long tenure and low EMI:-

In home mortgage loan, the loan amount can be availed for a loan tenure of up to 15 years. The EMI burden comes down as your monthly EMIs come down over a longer tenure .

How  to  apply for loan against property?

You can apply for Loan Against Property  online as well as offline. The process of applying for an online home mortgage loan is very simple, where you can apply on the official website of Aavas Financiers Limited .

To apply for a mortgage loan  offline  ,   you can visit your nearest Aavaas Financiers Limited branch out of 316+ branches, where our loan officers are more than happy to provide you  with all the information  related to home  loans  . 

Documents required for loan against property;-

  • Documents Required for Loan Against Property
  • application form
  • Duly filled by the applicant with 2 passport size photographs

Proof of Identification

  • pan card

Proof of Address

  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID Card

Income Statement

  • Bank Passbook, IT Returns for last 3 years, Payslips for last 2 months, Attested letter from employer, Form 16

Property Papers

  • Original documents of the property on which the loan is to be taken .
  •  Get complete details about the documents required for Loan Against Property /  Mortgage Loan / Loan Against Property for salaried or self-employed  individuals 

Hope that now in your mind how to take loan against property  or how to take loan in 5  minutes ? For example, the questions that were being raised must have been put to rest and you would have got complete information related to mortgage loan. So if you too are thinking of taking a mortgage loan , then apply for your loan today.